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Welcome, Everyone!

Hi, everyone! It's been a bit since I last posted a good welcome post. For everyone who has been here for a bit, you don't need to read this, unless you want reminders. To those who have not...this is what you are in for.

My name is Sara MacKenzie. I am a self-published author who lives in the state of Connecticut, in the US. I am married, with a special needs son and two cats. I also have four published books on Amazon. A fifth will be available next year.

What are my books about, you ask? Well, the first, A World So Bright and Dark, was an attempt to explain trauma in an unkind world, through the eyes of a young girl writing in her journal. The next three books are part of an epic fantasy adventure series, Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun. The story is narrated by several character, who recount their experiences in the world of Enos. There is civil war, world war, theocracy and more in those pages. Sometimes, I use personal experience.

I have made it well known that I am a trauma survivor. I have been down some very dark roads. When I was younger, I thought I was alone. I tried to be the person who cared about everyone, helped everyone, kindest person last. These days, I am understanding better boundaries and that not everyone needs my help. I will still do the best I can.

Black Lives Matter here. LGBTQ+ are always welcome. I do not care who you are, just as long as you are not hurting anyone (here is looking at you, gun owners). As long as there is NO HATE, I am ok with different opinions, like tariffs and taxes. Human rights are NOT up for debate.

In the course of being a full time author, I have learned that there is no such thing as happily ever after all the time. We run through good and bad times and we have to learn how to stand with it. In the human experience, we undergo the same emotions - anger, despair, happiness, ecstasy - and no skin color and ethnicity can separate that.

In my books, I try the best I can to touch upon many topics - abortion, racism, religion, greed, and more. Through their beliefs, my characters reflect some of our history, geography, etc. They have old hostilities, old scores to settle, and they cannot let it go. Sometimes, they grow from it or they relearn the lesson, sometimes to an extreme. And those supposed happily ever after endings? They become hard work to keep steady.

My social media links are all over the website. You can watch for updates, funnies, and more there. Sometimes, I have things up here on the blog, like trivia and excerpts from the next book. Keep your eyes peeled!

And always remember: be kind.


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