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About Me

Who Am I?

I have been telling stories and writing for as far back as I can remember. I was first published in a high school magazine and continued to release poetry, fan fiction and more on websites. In 2019, I decided to finally move onto novels. I have not looked back.


I make it no secret that I am an abuse survivor. It is an everyday struggle because it happened from birth. It shapes your life's perspective and how you react. I am not quitting anytime soon and am grateful to share some of the journey with all of you.

My writing is steeped deeply in what I've learned, experienced and understand. It's mostly history and famous people and places, but that is another story. I love learning from other people and am disturbed by bigotry and racism. I want someone to educate me. No subject should be taboo.

I have been with my husband, Brian (Scribe Jeeves), for many years. We only have one son, Calvin, who is autistic. You will see them with me at events. We also have two cats, Rory and Skaara.

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