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About Me


I've been thinking up stories and writing for as long as I can remember. I'd think them up at night or in class when I was younger. These days, they come from dreams, documentaries, personal experiences and more.

I am married and have been with my husband for several years. We have one son and two cats. Couples/parents can relate to the insanity of family life. I have a lot to say about our fury babies too, but we love them and love to add another.

My son, Calvin, is autistic. It does not mean he is stupid in any way. He is intelligent. He was solving Rubik's Cube puzzles since he was two. He loves Perry the Platypus, Hulk and Mickey Mouse. So, if you talk to me, you will see him nearby, being awesome.


I have many interests. I try learning as much as I can about the world and I am empathetic. I will be the first to say: I DO NOT know everything! I love nothing more than to be educated. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong! If you belittle me, you will lose my respect quickly.

My writing style has been described as detailed. When I was younger, I loved being stuck in a story and my hope is to do the same with my books. I want to bring light to dark topics. I want you to feel like you can turn to a book the same way I did. I was there. I understand.


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