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New Years Thoughts

Yes, I am not normally on here. I am on social media, if at all. Mostly, I am just writing and writing and writing. And here I am, hoping the (super) early release of "The Circle is Broken" has satisfied some. I know my father-in-law is very happy.

But I think I have come to another decision too: self-publishing is still all about what I want. And I thought about being professional and setting dates and all that. But you know? I could still release things when they are ready. Of course, I will have "Through the Meadow" by December 8. No worries about that! The Kindle preorder is still up.

Klenard is preparing for war again. If you thought that civil war and all that you read in "Casting Shadows" and "The Circle is Broken" was bad, think again. "Through the Meadow" will introduce more than the fight to keep peace. It will be of freedom too. Keep an eye out on social media for spoilers. I might post a few scenes here too.

I do hope that, despite what we have heard on the news, everyone had a happy holiday season, or as close to one as you can get. I will keep posting some updates here and on social media. Until then, namaste!

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