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#FindOutFriday Answers 6

Hi, everyone! Here are the answers to #TriviaTuesday. How many did you spot? Let me know in the comments sections. Also, let me know any suggestions and questions.

  1. Cardinal Wolsey - Archbishop Bray is a huge character in Casting Shadows and the family name throughout the series is highly regarded. The power and bits of the life of Bray is based on Henry VIII's counseler, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who held tremendous hold until his downfall and death in 1530.

  2. Wardships - The concept of wardships was mentioned throughout the series (so far). This system is based on the European model, pre-1700, where orphan nobles or landowners underage were sold to the highest bidder.

  3. Refugees - Pick an event in history and now and you will find civilians fleeing with families and nothing on their back except their clothes. It was most pronounced in Through the Meadow as Miranda and her friends ship and receive refugees, all of from the world war.

  4. Stonewall - The sight of the famous 1969 rebellion against the NYC police was the inspiration behind the secret meetings for the LBGTQIA+ in Through the Meadow. It is not the uprising itself, but the locations for like people to gather and be themselves without the law on their backs.

Namaste, everyone. Have a great weekend!

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