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#FindOutFriday Answers 3

Hi, everyone! We're back to #FindOutFriday. Here are the answers from #TriviaTuesday. Did you guess any of them correctly? Let me know in the comments!

  1. The Vatican - Mother Church was loosely based on the papal state in Italy and how they controlled the European powers in previous centuries. While I made the control somewhat deeper, the sentiment of total obedience, excommunication, etc., are based around the Vatican.

  2. King Henry VI of England - Some of the characters of Prince Charles of Lopet are based on the weak King of England. While the two shared few similarities, the passive nature and the inquisitiveness and having an only son to inherit are the few they do.

  3. Margaret of Anjou - Yes, I used the wife of Henry VI too, and pasted some of her strength in Jayne and Nora Brutrose. While the elder sister faced civil war and invasion like Queen Margaret, the younger sister brought in foreign forces to claim victory.

  4. French Fashion - If you have not noticed, the map of Pithea in Through the Meadow is shaped like a shoe, and one with a high heel. Initially, it was unintentional...until I realized that I was previously reviewing 17th century French fashion and one of them was that same shoe.

There are more goodies where this came from! Keep coming for more, and watch out for more #TriviaTuesday editions. Until next week, namaste!

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