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#FindOutFriday Answers 14

Hi, everyone! Welcome to another edition to #FindOutFriday. These are the answers from Tuesday. How many did you get? Let me know in the comments. Tune in next week for #BehindTheScenes!

  1. Enos - This is the name of the world in Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun. Enos was the name of a Biblical figure, specifically the grandson of Adam and Eve, through their on Seth. He is considered to be an ancestor of Christ and an Islamic prophet. For the series, it lines more along the Jewish faith, where man comes to a point where they found fault with their sins and found redemption.

  2. Ice Bucket Challenge - In A Circle is Broken, the characters of Catherine and Andrew fought. Once, the former poured water over the head of the latter. This came to me because of the ice bucket challenge from years ago. The scene was not meant to bring awareness. Truly, the characters were frustrated!

  3. Ancient Carthage - In Through the Meadow, the characters of Miranda and Julia settle on the western shores of the kingdom of Cherls. In the year 277, their village was attacked by the enemy. The multiple offensives by Mother Church was an echo of the Punic Wars. Ancient Carthage and Rome fought three times. The audacity reminded me of both sides and the struggle to keep lands from invasion.

Namaste, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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