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#FindOutFriday Answers 1

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to the first #FindOutFriday, the sequel to this week's #TriviaTuesday. Here are the answers. To note: some spoilers are below.

  1. Anne Boleyn - I based Jayne Brutrose's appearance, nastier attitude and fate on the second wife of Henry VIII. While I do believe she was innocent, Jayne was not, and Anne ruled as Queen Consort instead of full Queen and never had to face an actual battlefield.

  2. Catherine II of Russia - Archbishop Bray brought hope with inoculation, similar to the smallpox vaccine. While I swear I wrote this before COVID, I can say that Catherine II brought me a subplot with her innovative step - how to kill a Queen before the gig was up.

  3. The Crusades - Christianity has been perverted in my books, so the idea of going on a world war against heathens is not a novel concept. The Crusades often fought for the control of the Holy City, Jerusalem, and used as many innocents that could be manipulated.

  4. The Gulf of Tonkin - The official start of the Vietnam War in 1964 was the basis of the start of the world war in the series. Historically, it was called provoked, but later proven false and became the rallying point for war.

Thank you, everyone! Have a great day!

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