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#BehindTheScenes 32 - Diversity and Inclusion

We're in April now! Spring is here in CT. That means that there are a lot of festivals, markets and more coming out. It's the season to bring people outside. This #BehindTheScenes will discuss that, and how I use diversity and inclusion in my writing.

I make no secret of it. As long as you are being responsible and not hurting anyone, why should I care what you are and what you do? Teach me about it. Tell me about your gender and what it means and how you feel. Talk to me about why Black Lives Matter will help with teaching history and how it affects the present. Teach me about how to be a responsible gun owner and how to respect a dangerous weapon.

There are so many aspects of this world - so many colors, peoples and histories - that it can be overwhelming. But it is worth it to learn. Every piece is part of what Tim O'Brien called "the weight of memory". Despite what many might think, everybody and everything makes an impact on the world. That weight are carried by those who are left behind. This becomes history, culture, oral tradition, everything!

Being the person that I am, I always want to know all sides of the issue. History is generally written by the winners. What happened to the other side? Why had lands been conquered? What policies and principles did these people stand for? As for the other side, what contributions did they give too?

That is what drives my writing in many ways. The Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun series has several narrators that move the story, Originally, Nora was supposed to be the only storyteller. But as I developed it, I realized how many sides there were. Dreams prompted me to continue the story as a series with a new narrator, Miranda. Ideas continued to pop in my head and, all of a sudden, I was developing a world with many people and cultures.

And all of them are based on the world we live in today.

The particulars, I will leave for #TriviaTuesday and for you to figure out. For the time being, imagine the power of all of us, bringing our own experiences, traditions, culture, anything. Create new understanding. Link our creation stories to others. Know that we are somehow connected...

Namaste, everyone! Have a great day!

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