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#BehindTheScenes 26 - Little Pleasures

It's the middle of February and all of us up here are longing for spring. We are almost there! So, for this Thursday's #BehindTheScenes I decided to think about the little things that make me happy. And no, you will not find this anywhere else on the internet.

1. I love walking on the beach, especially when it's warm enough to be barefoot. The feeling of water and sand is really relaxing. Up here, the Sound has rocky sand and it takes time to get to when you have no shoes on.

2. One of the things I treasure the most is a book my father gave me, Chronicle of the Twentieth Century, It only goes to 1987 and I never found any updated editions. The memories of that book are endlessly joyful.

3. Relaxing with a cheesy puzzle computer game is always precious as a mom. Calvin is older and I do not need to check on him as often. Sometimes, I can spend half an hour to myself, playing games like I am in 1996.

4. I feel glad that I do not have to listen to the radio all day to tape the song I REALLY want. There is YouTube and, when I have the money, I get albums. There's always something exciting to listen to!

5. I am forever learning. I make mistakes. Everybody does. So why make it a pleasure of life? Well, because I get to understand the lesson (hopefully) and grow. Trauma survivors revel in their victories.'

What are yours? Can you relate to any of the ones I mentioned?

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