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#BehindTheScenes 25 - Marketing Myself

No, it is not about the Stock Market. It's about presenting myself. On this Thursday #BehindTheScenes, I am going to discuss what a lot of self-published authors do about marketing. It is a long, long road...

I always said, when I came into the literary field, I knew NOTHING. I hoped that word of mouth about my works would get me somewhere. It's supposed to be a base, but it was a shaky foundation. I had to tackle it another way. I had a weapon and it was the internet. I just HAD to learn more!

I grew up in the 90s and 00s. I have a basic understanding of computers, how to fix simple problems, and a little more. My husband worked in the computer field and is trying to catch up now (technology likes to change almost daily and it is amazing!). I had a grasp of what to do for myself: social media, websites, etc. But nothing happened. I waited and waited and continued to post...

On my marketing journey, I met a LOT of nasty people. And I do mean A LOT. While many were kind to offer marketing options, a lot of them lied, cheated and slammed doors in my face. For me, being shy, it was horrible. When you have spent most of your life in trauma, you take it personally and close up more. You are triggered by the sheer amount of rejection.

I probably won't make much of an impression of people because of my shyness. But I never gave up this career. Just because physical money was not coming, I still loved what I was doing. THAT was the lesson. I was not only doing this for my family, but for myself. And that, too, is a journey in self-discovery.

Never doubt your friends' and family's dreams. If I had listened to those who thought they were close to me, I would still be working at the same job, afraid to jump and chasing a carrot.


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