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#BehindTheScenes 24 - Evolution of Writing

It's Thursday again, and the end of January! We are back to #BehindTheScenes Thursdays and we are going to talk about my evolution as a writer. I know I have said it before, how my life reflects my stories, but this will take it to another level...

I had many stages as an author. I want to talk about the earliest: oral storytelling. To be honest, I do not know how it began except that I loved to tell people stories. I do not know of any others in my family except for my grandfather, father and uncles. While my father and a brother are readers and can recite a good tale, with the timing and voice, the other writes, like I do. My grandfather had the material to write his story, but I am working on that for him.

A few weeks ago, someone told me a story about when I was very, very young, maybe three or four years old. See, I can remember that I was thinking about stories when I was a little older than that. So, it went back a little further...about a little girl who really hated wearing shoes all the time and tried running barefoot. I told a dear friend of my father's a story, some cross between Friends and Star Wars apparently, until I was told to go away.

I remembered doing the same things a little older too. I'd keep my stories in my head. Anything on paper was dangerous and I only wanted to tell the stories I wanted people to know. I thought the best was those left unsaid. It was just as well - my immediate circle did not like the little I said anyway.

But think of that difference. Not wanting to give my best to now wanting to share everything! Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence and knowing you are worth it. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone except yourself...because you are in competition with no one except for yourself.

Isn't that a wonderful life for an author?


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Jan 26, 2023

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