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#BehindTheScenes 21 - Resolutions

After an exhausting month (trust me, December is long and hard for us), we are back to #BehindTheScenes Thursdays. It is January now, so I am focused on resolutions. To be honest, I do not make them. Why, you ask?

Well, I feel pressured. It's a time limit. And I'll keep telling myself, "Well, I have all year." And then, it's December 31 and I have done almost nothing.

It's not to say that people should not make resolutions. I think it's wonderful that people set expectations, try to be a better person, and set limits. It's discipline and determination that I do not have. I have had too much pressure placed on me as a child. I do not want the same for mine, and for me to understand what my limits are.

Also, I do not plan being the same person. Every event, my mind changes because I learn something new or something changes my mind. I am always going back and connecting the dots, something taking me years. Every time I do, something inside truly understands instead of just listening to the words.

It has happened a lot for the past three years now. And it was not just moving away from everything I knew. It was meeting new people, experiencing life without a help line, and even understanding that everything in my life had been wrong. With so much unexpected, why make resolutions?

Everything could be thrown off.

Your world can completely change.

The challenges of yesterday are now the met goals of today.

One day, you are fine. The next, you might not be. Keep challenging yourselves, everyone. Never give up. If someone does not want to hear you, I will.

I've been there too.


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