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#BehindTheScenes 19 - Technology

It's Thursday again, and we are #BehindTheScenes. This has to do with me personally and professionally. It's about technology, and how much I love it and hate it. Why? Read on...

I was born in the late 80's, so technology evolved SOOOOOO quickly when I was growing up. I was caught between a lot of worlds. Even my parents were learning new things, but they could not always afford it. We had to share computers. I did not have my own cell until I was working on my own and in college. My parents did not believe in us having them.

Knowing that, imagine having the childhood outdoors and in. I retained some of the old values my parents held (the good ones anyway). I also understood that they raised me in a world that no longer exists...and some of it never did. Getting into new technology for me takes time. I get used to something and then it all changes. I also have to keep updating.

I am simple. Phone and laptop. I write on my laptop (with notes by my side) and use the phone to communicate with all of you. I try the best I can to be tech savvy and keep up with the latest. And sometimes, it takes the slightest convenience to make me happy. No, seriously. Some of the latest things are so awesome and make life simpler. For example...DICTION! I love it when my hands hurt.

But what I hate is how it is so involved with our lives. NOBODY has the perfect balance (that I know of anyway). Our lives are dependent on technology! If someone hacked in our systems, everything could be lost. I could be simpler. The wifi goes down, everyone goes nuts, even me! I need the internet for my work...and that is scary.

And just to let you know: yes, I do have a tech support. My husband works on my appliances. If he does not know, we try the other one: our son. Calvin is very good with fixing gadgets.

To add: I am not a technophobe. Just annoyed, like any other aging person, how everything changes all the time. Sometimes, we long for simpler times...


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