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#BehindTheScenes 18 - Ideas

Ahh, the question that EVERYONE asks me: where do your ideas come from? Well, it is a little complicated. There are many angles to it. This #BehindTheScenes will explain it all...

Everything inspires me. I am an observant person, sometimes a little too much for my own good. I overthink a lot too, and ask lots of questions. Sometimes, my dreams form a story and I get intrigued and want to follow the idea. There is always history too! Pieces of characters, emotions, things I've learned.

I first began writing fan fiction. I still do sometimes. There are ways to rethink your favorite shows, movies and books! But I wanted to expand beyond that. While A World So Bright and Dark did not reach that far, the Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun series helped. Using that same world/character building that professional writers and directors did before me set an example...and I set my style.

I will take Casting Shadows as the example. Some of what I wrote was based off of history, current events and more.

  1. The physical features of Nora and Jayne were from secondary sources about Mary and Anne Boleyn (of Henry VIII of England fame). Jayne's fate was the same as Anne Boleyn's, although she was proven guilty.

  2. Losing her mother to the sword was also something Nora shared with Queen Elizabeth I of England. She also tried to honor her mother's memory. While I have lost my own mother in some fashion, I also honor the past and who she is.

  3. King Gerald of Klenard was a composite of several kings throughout history, such as Henry VIII of England, Francis II of France and even the current King, Charles III of England. He also reminded me of several veterans I met throughout my years.

  4. "Mother Church" grew into a perverted version of the Vatican and the pope and research into the Middle East. This is NOT meant to offend anyone, but show an exaggeration of selfishness, gluttony, abuse, etc. And yes, I am aware much of it happened, and in our lifetimes too. I am not debating it.

  5. Having as many children as one could was the norm in many cultures when death in childhood was common. Using men and resources in faraway places was based off of the Crusades.

I think you all get the point.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone. Namaste!

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