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#BehindTheScenes 17 - Writing Notes

Just when you thought that I was running out of ideas, think twice. I'm pulling back the curtain again and revealing more #BehindTheScenes. You know, I'd get to my writing process eventually. This one has to do with notes...

Sometimes, I post pictures of my notes. Unlike most authors, I DO buy pretty notepads and I DO love to use them. It took me a bit to get over that hump. Once I did, though, it was amazing. I was able to keep track of details in my books, connect the dots, and make up characters, family trees, towns and more. With a series like this, I could not keep it all in my head alone!

Often, you will see note cards, stickie notes and different colored tabs and paragraphs. I did that on purpose. It actually helps me find the notes. If something was a specific color, coded by a tab, then I could find it again and connect it to the next point. Sometimes, I get ahead of myself and make notes for other books too. And yes, I am checking every one, in case I need it for another book!

Not to mention, I put a list in the inside front cover. I number each notepad and write down the books I am working on underneath. I do add ideas that came in dreams in the back too. Sometimes, for prequels and sequels, I make mention in the cover and mark the place.

When you are working, do you have something that helps you remember? Do you use paper or technology? Are there other creature comforts that helped? Or, did you go remote and never returned to the office?

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