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"You Have That Control. Take It."

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It has been a VERY busy month. I apologize for not writing much on this blog. I have been focused on the small posts on social media, work and the holidays. A Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are all safe and that this upcoming holiday season will be brighter.

So, the link I posted is the fruits of some of my work. It is not just hosting Thanksgiving with quarantined people that I have been focusing on. I want to thank everyone who helped in this process and those who have commented already. I am filled with gratitude for the hard work and time and energy.

The countdown to Klenard is still on! I am excited. What are you anticipating? What do you think will happen? Maybe you can find out more...on December 13 at 8 PM EST. This will be the rescheduled live feed!

I hope these next days are filled with wonder and joy. Share it with those you love. Hold them tightly. You don't need to be with toxic people, just those who have you in their hearts. Namaste!

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