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It's been a rough couple of weeks (and it's not just family and such that has me going). I apologize for not adding anything! But there is so much to announce that my head is spinning. I don't know where to begin!

I have been focusing more on the social media end of things. I have not regained access to my Twitter account yet, but Facebook has been a challenge, especially in trying to read all of the posts. I put all of these little notes and such in there that I've had to gather them up and put on here.

Everyone should know that A World So Bright and Dark is available on Amazon. But I finally managed to get the book on Barnes and Noble too! The Nook version has been out for a few weeks, but it's been difficult to make the cover for the print version! It is smaller than the Amazon edition and has more pages. It also required a VERY specific size picture and they needed something high resolution, over 350 ppi.

I also managed to get a Barnes and Noble promotion for the Nook! On Black Friday, you will be able to get it for 25% off the original price of $2.99. This sale will last until Christmas Eve. Once the print version is published, the same sale will take effect. THAT part I have not announced on social media yet!

I have emailed the appropriate parties at Barnes and Noble for an event. So far, I am stating local and remaining in CT. But the locations in West Hartford, Glastonbury and Farmington have been notified. I will post more news when I can. I also will add an events page once this happens.

Last week, I FINALLY got my author copies of A World So Bright and Dark and have had a copy sent to someone I know who is incarcerated (long story, but don't worry, he is innocent and an equally wonderful writer). Two of those copies I gave to dear friends of mine and my last will go to my father-in-law. They are signed.

If anybody wants me to sign their book, I do not mind. Once I get some events up, you can meet me there. I WILL NOT make personal appointments at this time. However, I am more than willing to write anything you want in the book and sign it.

The holidays are fast approaching! I hope you all are thinking about them (well, Thanksgiving anyway). Have you ever thought about what you are thankful for? Can you list at least one thing, everyday? I definitely can!

1.) My husband and son.

2.) The opportunities in publishing today.

3.) That I also have another job.

4.) Our dearest friend, who is helping us.

5.) That I was given many chances to begin again.

6.) For my father still living (he has lung cancer).

7.) Improving relationship with my mother.

8.) I know my worth!

9.) My helpful brother.

Whew! Well, that's until November 10. I will list more when the times comes. But seriously, think about this. It's not just in November you should think about being grateful. Be grateful that you are living and that you have what you have. Some people only WISH for the things you have!

Also, seriously thinking about donating to a food pantry or spending time in the kitchens. It is not just this time of year that the need is real. People will always need help, no matter the season or holiday. Please consider it!

That is all for now. Please let me know of any questions or concerns (how customer service of me). Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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