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#WorkInProgress #SummerBlues #DisturbedAuthor

That was meant to be funny, by the way. This summer has been quiet so far and I love it. Even if it's a day home with my son, everything is perfect (even frustration!). This is also the first summer that I am self-employed. The opportunities are opening up. Through the Meadow is coming along. I have my first major sunburn. Life is great!

I started "Behind the Scenes, Thursdays" recently. Social media is wonderful, but it never explains everything, despite pictures saying a thousand words. LOL Mainly, you will see pictures of my office or my yards (front and back). It's where I spend most of my days. You will see piles of books for research (or they need to be put away). My side tables to hold research material, master copies and chessboards. The notepads that have different colored messages, tabs and sticky notes.

I value my privacy, which is why there is not a lot more. But I am trying to change that. Someone I value very much once told me that I need to be more approachable. She is right, of course. But I always felt that my books speak more of my mind than anything else.

Here is what else I am going to say:

  1. Until December, there will be samples of Through the Meadow. It is highly recommended that you read the first two books before tackling this volume. It all connects together.

  2. Mostly, I am focusing on Casting Shadows and The Circle is Broken through social media. It will be peppered with information about Volume III.

  3. Any updates will be posted accordingly. Unless the news is here on the blog or on my social media accounts, it did not happen. Any articles from news sources will be posted in the same places.

  4. Any other inquiries can be directed to my usual sources of communication. Please understand, my husband has access to these accounts and does answer. He will indicate if he does.

  5. And yes, we are both proud of our son, Calvin. He has come a long way! We are protective of him and ask that naysayers stay away,

Much love and peace to all of you today. Namaste!

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