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While I Have a Moment...

Social media has been wonderful. I can post these little blurbs and people can like, comment, and share. It does little for the state of mind I live in.

I am not trying to get too personal. I do have a lot doing on, like any normal person. But I feel a blog can clarify some things, like what I am doing in greater detail. I have mentioned writing my grandfather's story already. For those waiting for the next book in the current series, Revolution and the sequels are being worked on as we speak. I also have a private project and another someone asked me for (amongst many other little side projects people give me or I am making up).

This year, I am actually unsure if I am releasing anything. I felt like this will be a year of marketing and calming down. I set myself a strict schedule with Through the Meadow, and I almost missed it, to be honest. I put my wheel to the grindstone and I got it out in JUST under a year. And to think, midway through, I thought that the book was too big and the undertaking was too much!

Plus, there are the events I announced. After four years, I managed to get two here in New Britain, for the spring and summer. I am still accepting authors and those publishing on or before December 31, 2023. Trinity-on-Main and the VFW are excited to be hosting these events! If you are interested in sponsoring, marketing, or having a table, please let me know! My contact info is all over this website and social media.

If anything else comes about this year, it will be an utter surprise. My goal is to maybe get the first part of my grandfather's story and Revolution out by next year. Compared to the goals I had in 2021, when Casting Shadows came out, I think this is more reasonable.

Right now, with the heavy rain, I still have a flooded basement. Calvin will be out of school later this afternoon. Brian is off to work until later tonight. And here I am, in my basement office, hoping that my rug will dry out and I can relax for a minute...

As a parent, there is never such luck. LOL Happy Friday, everyone. Have a great day!

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