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Well, THAT Escalated Quickly...

No, it's not bad news. I did not imagine things happening all at once and at the same day too. With all of the changes, though, comes more news.

There are going to be two events. The first will be on November 1 at 5 PM EST. This will be an interview with the Female Founder's Network of Australia. They are going to be asking me about what being a self-published author is about. The second event will be on November 14 at 9 PM EST. I will again be hosting another Q&A. It will be on Facebook, but I am trying to figure out other medias to stream it to.

I hope to answer more questions about "Casting Shadows" too. I am very excited. The countdown is still on! A little more than three months and you will be introduced to the world of Klenard.

My last note: as I stated in my last live feed, I will not be discussing any politics. Yes, I do live in the US and it is another chaotic election year. I will say that I am against anything that harms people and the Earth. That is all you need to know. Do not ask me anything else.

I hope you all have a great night. Namaste!

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