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I don't know when I'll next be here. My husband's grandmother is in hospice care. We are waiting for the phone call to say that the end came. I figured some updates are in order.

I mean, other than being excited about my business cards coming in. Music in my ears. My son in the other room, playing. The little things in life that people hold onto...

I was thinking about discussing the Klenard series a little more. Everyone knows that book 2 will end Nora's point of view. The next book is going to be about a new character being introduced in "The Circle is Broken". I believe that I mentioned her before. She will be the Duchess of Shaeriden and Brenton, Miranda Bryon.

Without giving out too many spoilers...

You will meet Miranda in the saddest circumstances. You might think that she won't go to too many places. But a marriage agreement is set up to save face. Obedient and cheery, Miranda goes to this marriage enthusiastically. But little things began to open her eyes.

It begins and ends with her maid and closest confidante, Julia Gloss. Julia is assigned to be with Miranda at a young age. As time passes, though, she drops hints at Miranda. The sort of sentences that friends hopefully tell you. "Don't you think that's wrong?" sort of questions. Miranda doubts herself and everything she grew up knowing and starts to go down a rabbit hole, that only Julia pulls her out of.

Klenard is built upon word of mouth. Even in "Casting Shadows" do you see this change quickly. When the rumblings of the people and a palace coup happen, Miranda and Julia have to flee. This will continue in more detail with "Revolution" and "From Across the Sea". The last books will not be narrated by Nora or Miranda. New characters will take over - John Ronald and his daughter, Victoria.

I will tell more about those characters later. For the moment, my focus will remain on Nora. Samplers for "The Circle is Broken" will come next month, after the pre-order for Amazon is set.

One other note...

Recently, I posted on social media about an "Article". I told some people. In retrospect, it is probably nothing special, but I am a little excited. The CT Authors and Publishers Association wants to interview me, as author of the month in November!!! I already answered their questions (it took me a few days to think it out and to write it) and am waiting on more information. When it comes, I will post it.

I don't think people understand. I am a nobody author, as it were. That does not bother me. As long as I can write and be an author, I am happy. Any little thing like an interview in the newsletter of the state writers and publishers association is awesome. I am so honored and thankful.

For the moment, that is all. I hope for some news soon. Until then...


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