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Well, there isn't much of one. It's been tough, trying to keep up with all medias. I don't post much on Twitter and Facebook has been my main place. Sooooo...

Barnes and Noble did publish the print version of A World So Bright and Dark. I did try to add the promo code for Black Friday, but they're only allowing it for ebooks. So, it will only be 25% off for the Nook version. My apologies!

No word yet back on the first 15 minutes of the audio book. I am expecting that due by December 16. The complete audio book will be submitted by the end of January. With the book being nearly 400 pages, I figured that was enough time.

Finally, there will be my updated listed of things I am thankful for. If anybody needs anything else, I am available through email, Facebook, Twitter and more. Oh, and I am on Goodreads as well. Check it out!

10.) I have a roof over my head.

11.) My husband's work in the Air Force.

12.) That I can read and write.

13.) For the snow and cold.

14.) Hosting Thanksgiving this year!

15.) Hot tea in the evening.

16.) New starts each morning.

17.) For the internet we use daily.

18.) Friends nearby and far away.

19.) Spring is in 5 months!

20.) Watching the sunrise and sunset daily.

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