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Ugh, Updates? #AreYouDone


I've always been better with social media than being on a blog. But I am trying to be better, I promise! It might be easier to do some updates here than cram everything into those platforms. They always limit your words anyway.

Well, this author has gone more digital. I did begin a TikTok account. Now, I am on YouTube. Yesterday, I made the announcement on social media about it. Now, I will be posting videos of myself doing reviews, some updates and some readings from published books. It does not mean that spoilers will always be there. I will continue to post them here. Well, my words in progress anyway.

Right now, I am watching my reading from "Casting Shadows" being uploaded to YouTube (it is up on TikTok already). It's at 38% and running. All you need to know before watching is that it is less than 10 minutes long and that it will be from the initial chapter. I might do more later. Stay tuned!

I also mentioned some time ago about a Holiday Book Fair/Reading. This is through the CT Authors and Publishers Association. They have secured seats. I expressed interest. More will be announced later. Know that I am excited!

Yesterday, I also sent a message to the mayor of my town. This is not bad and it has nothing to do with politics. It is an appeal, more than anything else. For what/who, you ask? Self-published authors like me and the arts and humanities and what we can do in this town. I am waiting for an answer. I know she is busy. She was reelected and the ceremony is tomorrow downtown. But I do hope she, as well as many of you, realize how the arts help us. Support your local artists!

More spoilers will come. Nothing yet for "Through the Meadow". Klenard is getting pretty hot, though. Our heroine in "Casting Shadows" might not be the angel her people see her as. You shall see.

I do need to warn for my books: I am finding that I am covering a lot of tough topics. There is sexual abuse of a child and lesbians being burnt for who they are. Those are just what I have written so far and it is not necessarily in the upcoming book, "The Circle is Broken". Please be aware of triggers. This is not meant for children to read,

As a parent, I cannot tell you what to do with your children. But I put age ranges on Amazon for a reason. For the Marvel fans: remember the Deadpool commercials about kids and the movies.

That is all.


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