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Twas Another Hot July Day

And boy, is it a hot day!

Other than fighting against school uniforms (don't get me started), it's been nice. Yes, I did go to the beach and it was raining. I have been making more Reelz and videos. I keep going outside. I am not just sitting in my office basement, writing this new book...

I am thinking of all of you who cannot get cool. There are also several terrifying revelations. People are still suffering here and there. I've been watching the news with horror. In my generation, I thought it was supposed to be better. We knew better and are supposed to be more developed. But circumstances keep changing.

I try to find solace in little things. The sun rising after 5 AM. My son sleeping. The cats always underfoot. The first sip of tea.

Twas a hot July day indeed.

Stay safe, everyone. Please. Hold kindness in your heart, to yourself and others.


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