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Tonight is the Night!

Happy (belated) Halloween and a blessed Samhain! It has been wonderful. We went trick or treating at the Hillstead Museum. Today is All Saints' Day and all is quiet. I am going to the cemetery with my mother later to visit relatives.

Three months and counting until "Casting Shadows" is released. The contest is still on! Any review for "A World So Bright and Dark" will enter you into a drawing. The winner will receive a free copy of "Casting Shadows", autographed and with any message you want on the inside cover. Honestly, I will not care if the review is good or bad. An honest opinion is always what I need.

Another reminder: PLEASE do not message me for a relationship, being a model or any other solicitation. I will block you. I am just an ordinary author. I do not seek to be a sponsor or representative of any company or cause. My beliefs have been stated. That should be enough.

Tonight, I am doing the podcast for the Female Founder's Network. I will post a link to the interview. My live is still scheduled for November 14 at 9 PM EST on Facebook. I hope to see all of you there! Thank you for your support.

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