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Thoughts: Politics and Religion

I am trying to write more here than on social media. I am finding that it is quick and easy to use Instagram and to post comments and likes. It is far more complicated to gather thoughts here on the blog these days.

I have noticed something, though.

I know that I vowed to keep away from religious and political posts. Yet, I am seeing more and more that I post something about me that points to my beliefs. I remember the sacrifice of those on Memorial Day. I celebrate Pride Month, even though I am not LBGTQIA+. People who are close understand who and what I am, my husband most of all. I preach love and kindness.

I don't mean to cross the line. However, when I see something that should be supported, should be highlighted, we should all reflect on it. Memorial Day is sacrifice and those who have paid with their lives. Pride Month is honoring those in the past and today that are celebrating who they are.

And if someone has a problem with that, do not make it religious or political. It should not be. This is life. People grow into who they want to be and that is ok. It is NOT ok to hate someone or tell someone what to do. This has suppressed people for centuries.

Now, I have to say this. I do not care who you are. If you need me, I am there. I will support you. Do not bring me into any racist regime or bring bigoted beliefs at my doorstep. We are in this together. If we cannot be kind, we cannot live.

And if you have a problem with that, you can private message me.

Thank you!

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