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Thinking of Life

Whew! Calvin is back in school. This is day 4 for him and I have had no complaints from his teacher and paras. For a kid who does not like change, this is a good thing. I am going to begin Trivia next week, and then #BehindTheScenes. I'll take a break in October for the holidays and pick up in January.

Today, I wanted to share a few things I've been thinking about lately. My mid-thirties have brought some hard truths and, albeit simple sentences, they carry a heavy weight. Some of them are inspired by songs. I hope they help you too.

Form in wet sand.

They are too far gone.

Do not make any major life decisions now.

You can start over as many times as you want.

A person cannot do it all alone.

You can lay in bed, like Brian Wilson did.

Look up at the sky and wonder at the clouds.

The love I make is in the shape of my space.

Don't be guilty about doing the right thing.

It's not about you - don't take it personally.

Live so that when you die, the Reaper cries.

Trauma is not forever, and you CAN learn.

You do not need religion to have morals.

My illness is chronic, but my tits are iconic.


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