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Summer Love

Is it really August already? It has been a short summer, hasn't it? Time goes by quickly. It feels like yesterday that I was editing my book! And now, I am finishing up and editing the next one.

But I am still here and smiling.

I lost my father on June 16. It has been a trip going over what he left behind. On July 18, a teenager was texting, ran a red light and hit my car. It is a total loss. Now, this is another battle.

But I am still here and smiling.

I have taken love and lessons from new friends. Since May actually, I have been communicating with people who are enduring the same struggles I am. They are parents, teachers and lovers. They are escaping abusive relationships, seeking love when they did not expect it and experiencing guidance and love. They are small businesses and humble people.

But I am still here and smiling.

I try my hardest to share posts. I want to know every small business I can. I want to see people succeeding. I want to do anything in my power to introduce one person to another. This is what I call love. This is a summer for it.

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