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Step by Step

Yeah, it's kind of a corny line. But it's true. Things are going 1 step at a time. I am counting down the days until my trip to SC. I am progressing through the next book. I have stories in line afterward. It seems to be a time of creativity.

In the past week, there hasn't been much exciting news. I have not been talkative much on social media except to say hi to some of the newcomers on my page. There has been plenty going on in real life that I haven't really stuck my face into sales, traffic and messages. I apologize to everyone who has attempted to reach out and did not receive an answer in a timely fashion. I hope it is forgivable.

I will hopefully bring something to table for Casting Shadows. If I keep up with the writing, I might have it released before February 2, 2021. The skeleton plot is being built up as we speak. That's all I can say about it!

The Human Experience Volume I will be featured after Casting Shadows. Does anyone have any stories they'd like to share of their post 9/11 lives? Their feelings on certain events or the news? What they have heard in this modern world? Please message me. I respect privacy above all things and will take anything into consideration.

Oh, and I have to share this story before I close. My son is autistic. 1 of the things he likes doing is opening packages. Well, I ordered a couple of author copies of A World So Bright and Dark from Amazon. It shipped to my house and he saw me open the box.

As soon as he saw the books, he was intrigued. Then, he saw my picture on the back of the book. Then, it was "MOMMY'S BOOK". It goes everywhere with him except to school. It calms him down at night. He "reads" it sitting down. It goes with him when he sets up his play areas. It was even with Falcon, Hulk Buster, Peppa and George Pig and Mickey Mouse in his room yesterday, when the figures played together.

Other than stamping my name on it and signing it, I have not really touched that copy. He is so content with it that I cannot take it away. I hope that, when he is older, he will read it and understand why I wrote it. It was not just for me. It is for everyone who has experienced bullying and abuse.

And with that, I will end with a Maya Angelou quote: "Every storm runs out of rain."

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