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Minter is Coming!

Well, it's almost here! The season of Minter: peppermint and winter. We just have to get through Thanksgiving first! It's less than a week away and I cannot be more excited and thankful. Brace yourselves!

Some things have happened since I last wrote. I have been sending messages and emails to all bookstores I can think of in the immediate area and some as far away as Alaska. I've gotten many positive responses. Others have stricter guidelines on independent writers and publishers. And that's ok! Definitely want to keep independent bookstores alive as much as we can and they have to think about how they can survive.

So far, I am working on a book signing at the Dog Ear Bookstore in Russellville, Arkansas. I am not sure about the dates yet, but it has been added to the events pages. More will be added later.

I am also working through paperwork for RJ Julia's in Madison, Connecticut. While there are a lot of guidelines for consignment and book signings, it seems like a wonderful local place to start too. I am excited about this opportunity. If anything comes of it, an event will be posted.

I emailed my local library as well. I am trying to get A World So Bright and Dark to their bookshelves for the Teen Room. I am thinking about sending messages to other libraries as well. Might be a good idea instead of staying so local. I will post more information later.

Social media! How to keep up with it? I think I updated the information on this website (can't be so sure, sometimes Wix doesn't save everything). But I am always available, if you need to talk. I also made my email available on this website somewhere. Facebook also enabled my top fan section. I find it ridiculous, but I'll try to find some positive use for it.

What are YOU thankful for? Here is the more of what I am grateful for! What else can you add to the list?

21.) Coffee and tea were invested.

22.) For having some patience.

23.) Imaginations and differences.

24.) TV shows I can zone out to.

25.) Political and social awareness.

26.) To have the rights I do.

27.) That history isn't just boring dates.

28.) For historical societies!

29.) A car for driving.

30.) For music and dance.

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