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Just a Shout Away

While I sit here and forget that I have to do my taxes (and wait for some other important documents to come in) and try to balance my checkbook, I am trying to distract myself. I have picked up on my reading and have a few books read this month. I actually colored my hair and painted my nails. And yes, I was listening to "Gimme Shelter" when I started this post.

A few things I know I might have mentioned and have not. With so much going on, I do not know what I have said or not. If I did say it before, let me know. I do not like repeating myself.

Well, I hope to change my hours for appointments and meetings. I am looking for a new day job and feel that another step is needed for me to move forward. It does not mean I am giving up writing. It also does not mean I will necessarily give up early hours either. I still love watching that sun rise and getting lost making up stories.

With each change, I have to grow. If something does not grow with me, I have to rethink my future and what path I want to follow. To be honest, other than wanting to be a writer, I never thought of it before. I finished my BA in Educational Studies last year. I thought that I would stay on and conduct job training within the bank.

But many things have prevented this from happening. Something that a trusted colleague of mine told me was that I do not make myself approachable. Ok, I agree. I am not very social. I like texting and emailing versus using the phone or face-to-face conversations.

She said that people are noticing. NOBODY told me that before. It made me sit and think too. I do my job and I do it well. But I was not someone who really talks with my co-workers. My head is usually down. I am in LaLa Land when I get up and go on my breaks.

It's something that has made me think beyond my mundane existence as a banker and author. Who is out there? Why? And can they help me? Or others? How do we all fit into the gears of the machine?

This is also how my husband got into this book mess. He is a gamer and such, is checking out several things online. In addition, he is part of a book club with Philip DeFranco, the commentator on YouTube. Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd...he submitted A World So Bright and Dark as part of this. And Mr. DeFranco accepted it! I am honored!

I do not know when A World So Bright and Dark will be featured. But the fact that it was accepted thrills me. I am a nobody writer. And this wonderful person has chosen it to eventually be on his show.

I must also say: I am aiming to go to BookExpo in May! I want to market and see what the book publishing business is all about. This too will be about growth and connections. I am thrilled about the opportunities. From what I read about it, it's the place to be concerning the book industry.

A participant of the previous event even messaged me. She was a great help in answering my questions. It is a train ride away, but a lot of hard work. I will tell more about this later.

Otherwise, all is quiet. I spent a few minutes away from headache finances. Music plays in my head. The office is free of people. Perhaps this is not such a bad day after all.

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