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It's Been a Busy Time

THAT is an understatement.

My father died in June of this year. He was cremated, but the ashes have not been spread. His mother, my grandmother, finally died on November 3. We buried her on Sunday. COVID restrictions kept us apart,

I always tell people to appreciate who and what you have. It does not mean stick with your blood family. Some are toxic. But at least be grateful for those people and things in your life. One moment in time is forever. It might be all you have in the end. And that's ok. Hug them closely. Make everyday special.

I am not looking for sympathy. I just hope you all understand how precious life is. I am not a Christian. But I love the basic philosophy to love your neighbor. It does not matter who that person is. Harm none. Make sure none of it goes to another person. Keep fighting for that.

I am trying not to be brooding on the more serious side today. It is difficult. I might have some good news soon, though. I haven't wanted to say much. Everything is a waiting game. The Female Founders Network is still editing our podcast. Some inquiries need to be answered. Nothing is set in stone.

Choose your pathways carefully. Some are like the butterfly effect. The slight flap of the wings can cause a hurricane somewhere else. Remember that always.

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