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I'm Back!

Good morning, everyone! It is a sleepy 20 of 6 in the AM right now. I am only glad to be back online. I have been sick the last several days. Tis the season!

There isn't much in the way of news. I am looking into getting to SC in June for the event (family is down there and I am trying to organize that). MN event might be cancelled due to construction in that area. Nothing new here in CT.

But it is the month of February! It is Black History Month and Heart Health Month. We also have a 29th day of February and most people are filing their taxes. How are you celebrating those? Are you excited about your refund (honestly, I am not)? Have you thought about the impact of history and health and what they mean to you?

February is a time to also look forward to spring. Imbolc/Candlemas was over the last weekend and Lent will be the last Wednesday this month. Historically and religiously, it is a time in which we awaken and become aware. There is hope around the corner! You just have to believe and look for it.

Otherwise, I did receive a message from the person who did conducting the audio book for A World So Bright and Dark. She had rerecord some sections. There was some echo. While it is past the due date of finish, I do not care. I'd rather have a wonderful product than something with hardly any effort.

I have to say, Taylor Zimmet is wonderful throughout this process! She admitted that this is her 2nd audio book and she is learning as well. I thought I was some amateur! I assigned this 2 months ago and thought I gave her enough time, with the holidays and such. Next time, I think I'll give another month, length of book depending.

When this is finished, A World So Bright and Dark will be available through Apple and Amazon. I can't remember where else it will be available through ACX. But I am hoping this will give a wider audience to my works and allow audio book lovers and those with disabilities to enjoy it.

Book Expo is also around the corner! I talked with someone who also self-publishes and received some handy advice. I hope to market myself and understand more about the publishing world. If you can make it, come up! It is in NYC at the end of May.

The world is starting to wake up! It's after 6 now. I will end this on a positive note. We all have to hope for spring! It is just around the corner.

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