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How Did It Get To Be Warm?

I found this post in my drafts. I do not know why. I read through most of it and erased it. It was dated about a few weeks after my father died in 2020. It talked about Father's Day and how we did not really celebrate it. I erased it. The title needed a new blog post.

Yes. It did get pretty damned warm here. I know it's August now, but wow. Heat wave and humidity make it unbearable outside. I am going to wait until the evening to go outside and sit.

There are some exciting things coming. My husband has also been pretty busy too. And yes, I know I've said this before. But I am hopeful. While a great majority of inquiries come up with lies and closed doors, I am not giving up. The temp is going up. There will be days when I feel like giving up, but I never will.

This time of year, my autumn lovers are posting about changing colors and coffee. The summer lovers will harp about the sand and beach until school is back. And my son is counting the days until he starts 5th grade while I admire his growth. It is a strange time. Enjoy what you have. It might be gone the next day...

Dance. Sing. Laugh. Walk. Wonder. You are stardust and you will rise.


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