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#HolidayThoughts 2023 Edition

When you look at the picture, what do you see?

Most people would focus on his clothing and appearances. He's older and hard. His sweater is torn and needs a wash. Even the yellow fabric on top of his head and shoulders is an ugly piece. You can barely see the garbage and poor state in the background.

Do you know what I see?

He's a human being, flesh and blood. Sure, he is old and ugly and he needs a wardrobe makeover. But he is homeless. The reason why should not matter to you. What should is that he is a human being in need of food, clothing and shelter - everyone's basic needs.

You don't need to feed into a drug habit (for I know many who have them). You don't need to hand over money or food, put someone up at your place, or anything like that. Kindness and empathy are free. Spitting on someone homeless or asking questions like what happened to their job fall into the same category, but it does not address itself in the simple concept of love.

We are all overloaded these days. The pandemic has run all of us high and dry. But we can never forget that we can have boundaries and still help our fellow human being. It does not take the holiday season to have you lift a finger. The need is always yearround.

Dedicated to Lex and Don and MJ.


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