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You know, when I was living in northern Maine, I remember this time of year as a harvest. The potatoes were being picked and everyone was preparing for the hard winter ahead. Wood and oil were being bought, cars were repaired and there was a mad rush to get stocked up. It was a busy time of the year.

Nowadays, back in the city, I am thinking of this time of year as a new type of harvest. It's a joyous time to gather up ideas and promises. It's also a time for all of us to think about what we want to pick up. School is about to start, with new expectations. Businesses are reevaluating their needs through the end of the quarter. How have you thought about the harvest?

I know this is thoughtful, but it also makes me believe that whatever creativity I have picked up will show up as a bounty. Have you ever thought of that yourself? What have you picked up this summer? I hope that everyone is safe, though!

My new idea is actually starting my own business. This is so complex! It's not just publishing. It's about assisting all religions. I will give more details later. However, here is a page made up help with donations:

Any little bit helps. If you can donate, it is humbly appreciated. If you cannot, please share the link. within the next five years, I want to get started. COVID cannot stop anyone from achieving their dreams. I hope you realize that and feel the same way. Happy Harvest!

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