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#FindOutFriday Answers 8

Wow, it's almost spring already. While it's been a time of cleaning, it's also time to give up the answers. This is from the last #TuesdayTrivia. How did you fare? Let me know!

  1. Eleanor of Aquitaine - The Queen of France and England respectively, this woman was the foundation of the character of Eleanor "Nora" Lynn Brutrose. Her sense of duty as a woman and a ruler, her disregard for what was conventional, and her political involvement long into old age initially brought the Klenard Queen to life.

  2. The Archbishop of Canterbury - This important position in the Church of England was the basis for the Archbishop of Ploum. The men in power (real and in my stories) are clergy, involved deeply in politics, and give advice to the monarch.

  3. Charlemagne - If you recognize the name as a figure from history, you are right, but it goes further back than you expect (think Frankish Kings of the 8th and 9th century CE). Charlemagne the Lopetish Prince was based on this monarch, from his warlike training to his faith in Christianity.

  4. Menelaus - This is a bonus for the previous factoid for the diehard mythology readers. The middle name of the King Consort of Klenard is the same as the Mycenaean Spartan King and was the husband of Helen of Troy.

Didn't expect me to add something totally different in the mix? There is a lot more. Until next week, namaste!

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