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#FindOutFriday Answers 4

Yay, it's #FindOutFriday again! It's the fourth edition. and we're back with the answers. Did you get any of the answers correct? Find out before, and comment! I love to hear your perspective.

  1. Sahara Desert - Yes, you guessed it, the Deef Desert was based on this landmark, including it being the largest known desert in the world Klenard sits in. I used its vastness and ability to hide people as the subplot for Through the Meadow and the world war.

  2. Pilgrimages - The Sacred Ruins of Tommel were mentioned a few times in the first two books alone, usually in reference to nobles or visiting. The concept of the Sacred Ruins was based on the many journeys early Christians took, praying by relics, shrines and churches.

  3. Women's Rights - It is not a new theme in the series, but it is one I have to point out. Throughout the third volume, Through the Meadow, the character of Miranda references what women want constantly, and it points to the struggles women faced over the centuries.

  4. Adultery - Throughout the first three books, cheating has been mentioned, most of all it being a major sin. Thinking between King Gerald and Miranda, there was a double standard between men and women and it's reflected throughout history (I mean, who is more vilified, etc.).

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Namaste!

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