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#FindOutFriday Answers 16

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to #TriviaTuesday and its #FindOutFriday answers! How many of them did you guess? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, send me any suggestions.

  1. Amazons - The fabled women's society from Greek Mythology was the inspiration for Stepnick and its female population. At the end of Through the Meadow, Miranda mentioned that they engaged Mother Church in battle. Like the women from Stepnick, the Amazons were warriors and fighters, equal to men, and raised their daughters (sons returned to the fathers in a neighboring society) to do the same. While the Stepnick women in my story would not reject any genders, they held strength from maiden, mother and crone. Plus, they know magic.

  2. Autism - The readers of Through the Meadow meet a character in the secret police, Elmwood, by the name of Jack Sumter. Miranda noted how strange he acted and how certain words refocused him. These traits are common with autism. Sumter was based off characteristics that I saw not only in myself and my son, but other people I knew with autism. His tragic death made it more potent for me. It is not hope that autism would be cured, but that it is normalized and cherished. Everyday people live with it and they are just as courageous as anyone else.

  3. Submission of Women - It is in Through the Meadow that readers learn that the world Christian leader demanded women to be used as vessels for children and be seen and not heard. The seclusions, prayer rules, clothing, and more were cherry picked from many monotheistic religions. I will not debate the validity of their existence or who was right or wrong. Their extreme society norms were the inspiration to the fallout that readers will see in later books.

Thank you for patience, everyone. Have a great day. Namaste!

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