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Deck the Halls!

Hi, everyone!

I have not added to this blog (or any other social media website) much lately. I guess the holidays and other things are keeping me busy. But there's so much going on too as an author.

I am looking at a small book tour. There's nothing special to it. I might do a few events and advertise the book. That's about it. Right now, I am still working with Fiction Addiction and Dogear Bookstore. I am trying locally too and am working with some Barnes and Noble stores. Sadly, because self-published books are considered textbooks and cannot be returned, some Barnes and Noble stores will not do an event.

I cannot be more thankful for last month too! While I am not much for sales, the messages of any book is more important to me than anything else. I do want to thank everyone for the interaction on social media, through Amazon and more. I cannot be more proud of you, to share your feelings and experiences! It's been a pleasure meeting many people.

Otherwise, I am trying to find more ways to market. I am going to attempt an email listing through this website. I'll do a small test and then begin doing larger ones. To be honest, I might just send them out quarterly. There are so many places I can update!

In any case, I am still writing. The Salem Witch Trials are my next interest. I have a rough draft in my head of what I want. It's just getting out of this century's mindset and transplanting it in another time! It's tough because we all have our interests, opinions and such. A different time is so foreign!

I didn't really announce this either. I have been developing a storyline for a world I have been imagining since I was a child. The summary of the first book is on the books page of this website. However, I think I made up six (or seven maybe) books in the series. The name of the series of A Whisper in the Wind. It discusses a land named Risoke and its many people. It has been under civil war for centuries and conspiracy reigns.

Four families rule four distinct, different lands. Each one is connected to the other and contributes to the survival of its people. But this land was also ruled by natives before the four families arrived...and they want their land back. They are not going to stop until these families are long gone and the tyrannical and religious rule is abolished.

Each story talks about Risoke from a different point of view. The first story already mentioned is from workers who have to decide if the security of their highly-coveted position is worth keeping. The second talks about the prosecuted people of Risoke and their journey from runaways to refugees. The third reaches out to the natives and how they feel about the invasion, their efforts to make peace and their futile journey to opposition.

The last few books talk about the end and how the government formed and why history is so important. The fourth book is from the point of view of a servant of a leader and how her indirect involvement in the resistance brought down its fall. The fifth book is for the survivors, who now have to figure out what to do after everything they've done. The sixth book (that I can remember) is how history should be written and why the victors have their choice of voice.

I don't have a timeline of when things will be released. Right now, I am doing research from the Danvers Historical Society. Mary Beth Norton and more have become my friends in this journey to recreate the Salem Witches Trials. My mind is boogled too. How can such a group of girls hold so much power? Any thoughts?

Other news is random and all over the place. I will also find other medias to publish my works. I found Smashwords and other website for ebooks. I hope this helps, especially if you don't like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I also will attempt to register for Book Expo 2020 in NYC, since I want to learn more about the book publishing world and other marketing techniques and to meet new people. I did send information to the local news and am hoping to spread the word about kindness.

Because that's all the world needs: kindness. This time of year, we always think about doing good for others. Remember, kindness is free. You don't have to regulate it for a certain time of year. We always need it.

If I don't write anything else here, I do want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I hope the New Year is wonderful to everyone. Peace, love and happiness to all. Namaste!

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