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Chronically Writing: Truisms

Yes, it's a morbid topic. Yes, I know it is the holiday season and I should be cherry. But life is about learning. It's been said that life is a beautiful lie, though. It is truer when you have been abused in childhood and need to learn how to just be.

Learning to just be also coincides with chronic illness. In the book The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk speaks of how trauma and the stress of it morphs into scars on your body, i.e. chronic illness (van der Kolk 2014). To me, the two concepts are part of the same journey...and it has come up with some truisms. This is part 1. I promise to post more later. Credit on some of this goes to RHCP and Godsmack.

  • Form in wet sand.

  • They are too far gone.

  • We are the product of our parents' trauma. It is up to us whether we let it burn or if we extinguish it.

  • Do not make any major life decisions now.

  • You can start over as many times as you want.

  • A person cannot do it all alone.

  • My illness is chronic, but my tits are iconic.

What are some of yours? Did you like any on the list? Comment below!

Namaste, everyone! Have a wonderful evening!

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