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Catching My Breath

Yeah, it's been kinda busy.

I am trying to keep up with the blog. I know, I say it often: I post more on social media. Even so, it has been sparse. A friend of mine had to put down her dog. My husband's grandmother passed away last Wednesday. There's more, so much more...

But I gotta keep smiling.

I literally have said things were a shitshow. I don't say that lightly. Some people will blame astrology or "It's just a phase." I do believe that things will be better, though. Just catching my breath. Taking a moment. Just BEING. Because it is sometimes what we need...

I did hint good news yesterday. It all began with an egotistical comment to my husband actually. I seriously see "Casting Shadows" and the sequels as a TV series. As a self-published author, I do everything myself or ask someone for help. How can I accomplish that?

Easy research pointed me to a literary agent. This is not for publication. I am still remaining with Amazon unless I am presented with a better offer. This is for promotional reasons only.

So, after some research, I made a few inquiries. Now, I will be waiting for answers. To be honest, I have never done something like this before. I know, I probably should have done it sooner. Big DUH! But I never felt so much ambition before.

I want to reach far and wide. I don't have to be your cup of tea. I hope to at least reach somebody somehow. I want to let you know that somebody does relate. Don't feel alone.

And catch your breath. Don't forget that.


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