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By the Early Morning Light

Well, there is not much light. It's still dark outside. Amongst the tech issues for work and the candles, I am writing. It's after 6 AM here and I don't think I've even posted through Instagram yet.

I thought I was not going to post much this month. I have been pretty busy with work, finishing up "Casting Shadows" and being with my son and husband. Now, there's a quiet moment where I can actually think and write a little. My last post was a little morbid, but it's also another year without many people. My question remains the same, though.

I was going to announce some new projects in this post, but I think I'll wait a little later. I can let you all know is that I have some new plans for Klenard. It will expand more on the people involved in the stories, why they acted as they did in this upcoming book and why the wars happened. In this case, two characters in this first volume will be featured in their own series. More on that later.

There is also the issue of the sequel to "Casting Shadows". I have already titled it and have a tentative date of release. I thought 12/22/22 was going to be when Nora will conclude her adventure. I decided that it will be released on 8/15/22. "The Circle Will Be Broken" will end the fighting and bring in new characters that will define Klenard after the sisters battle.

Enough spoilers!

For the time being, work is calling. Tech issues are resolved. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Please stay safe!

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