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Break the Chains

I have to say this: Happy Juneteenth!!!

It is after 3 AM here in CT. Sometimes, little sleep and seeing the dawn come in is a pretty thing. When I look outside, it almost is surreal, with the colors and shapes coming out of the dark. Even when I look at this picture, I feel as if we are traveling from one place to another.


I feel like I share almost every details of my journey as a writer. When I look back at all of the progress I made, I feel foolish. Yet, being a writer is more than putting a book out and editing and marketing. It is also growth as a person and storyteller. I feel like a novice still, though.

And yet, I have appreciation. I think I said this on social media too. Some writers are worried about sales and such. I am worried about my integrity. I'd rather be writing and not have a lot of sales and that, I believe, is successful. I think I have achieved that in many ways.

Ok, don't get me wrong. Sales are nice. But it can consume you as a self-published author. I do get upset that people I know do not say a word. Who wouldn't, right?

But why get frustrated? Life is too short to be upside down. I can say all of the negative things going on. My job is not the greatest. Or I have elderly and sick relations that I am helping. Or one friend or another has an issue and I am worried about them.

The little joys in life are what makes it worthwhile. When even I am down, I can remember the best hugs and kisses from my son. Or some silly moment my husband and I had (because we can). Or some laugh I had with a friend because we are both so socially awkward and unequipped for society in general.

What can be better than that?

Break the chains. Break down the heavy mantle you've been carrying in your shoulders. Let it slip down and lay at your feet. You won't regret it.


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