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Better Times are Coming

When I thought of the picture I wanted for this entry, I was trying to picture everyone in a remote location, where we all can relax. I think I chose well. In these troubling times, we have to believe that better times are coming. Not everyone is under the impression that we should be careful.

I want everyone to stay calm and to stay safe. Be kind always. Even if you disagree with someone else's assessment (and trust me, I have many), don't be patronizing. We do not need guns. We do not need to raid places. We don't need to shop like it's the apocalypse.

What we all need is peace. Be one with yourself, whatever that may mean to you, and remember that this is our time. We should rest if we can. It's not just the body, but the soul. Thank you to everyone who has given their all and continues to, whoever you may be. I hope and think of all of you, whose livelihoods are threatened.


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