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#BehindTheScenes 7 - In the Kitchen

Seeing this picture makes my mouth drool, and I just pulled fudge brownies out of the oven! LOL So, if you're here, welcome to another edition of BEHIND THE SCENES WITH SARA ELLIE MACKENZIE. Today is about being in the kitchen.

Making food has always been a gesture of love in my family. My father was a gourmet chef and my husband has a culinary degree. Both had an influence on how I cooked. Not to mention, the family influences in between!

Initially, I did breakfasts (mostly eggs) and then I graduated to mac n cheese and cooking ground beef for pizza. By the time I was 22-23, I moved in with my husband and he gave me free rein in the kitchen. This is the best way I learned how to cook. While my husband says I need work on my spice blending, I am better than I was 10 years ago.

I can bake too! I have been doing that since I was a teenager. My mother also used to let me lick the beaters after she made batter for brownies or cookies. My father did not like it and claimed the raw eggs will make someone sick. Never have, in my whole life.

I do not have many people over. Partially, it is due to COVID concerns. Other times, people are busy or they have lapsed into their own lives. But when I have people over to eat, I am happy. It reminds me of all of the meals my father made. The good food and company is all I need. The sore feet is worth it, by the way.

Next up is Calvin's birthday party. Some people will not be with us. They have moved on or passed away. But we will remember them. It is a good cook and hostess that smiles at her guests and offers them a chair and a plate. That is honor to the absent.

I hope you are close to your family somehow. It can be food or a board game. But always remember that even one room can change the whole party.


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