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#BehindTheScenes 3 - Tarot?!

If you've come this far, you either saw my social media post or saw the email that I had a new blog post. In case you missed it: every Thursday, I am going to go behind the scenes. I am going to let you know the little things about me, the writing process and the life around me.

And this one is interesting: tarot and oracle readings. I do not consider myself bad, but I still feel like there is always something to learn. To be honest, as I've stated earlier, I am all about being kind to people (even if it means tough love). Doing readings for people is fun. I am accurate. Plus, there is SO much history behind it throughout a lot of cultures and religions. How awesome is that?!

I have another story I'd like to share...

This was Thanksgiving. I think it was 2018 because there was no COVID and some people were no longer with us. My sister was sitting next to my husband's grandmother, who had dementia. I remember that they were discussing putting soda into a wine glass. We put them on the table, but did not offer alcohol. I remember seeing my sister picking up a bottle and knocking over another glass filled with soda.

I went back to eating. Next thing I know, the same glass gets knocked over...again? the soda bottle my sister picked up. I did not tell anyone except a few people, but it made me wonder what happened. Did my mind play it twice? Or did I predict it?

You decide in the comments. If you have an explanation, I'd like to hear it. I have an open mind, even to imaginations, aliens and the matrix.

If you want to see the pictures, click here.


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