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#BehindTheScenes 27 - Success

It's the middle of February already? Time is passing us by quickly this year. AND, we are back to another #BehindTheScenes Thursday, and today I am going to head a discussion about success. What does it truly mean? What do I believe is success?

Success is defined as the end result of work and what the material wealth, prestige and accomplishments a person obtains. Usually, it's associated with dreams, a lot of money, or maybe awards. We do not look at through the lens of failure, but the ultimate happy ending. All problems solved, poof!

It is not always defined like that. What some do not consider is that success could be quitting or taking another route. It's making the choice to change and pushing forth, no matter what, to make sure it stays that way. It's actively setting small goals for yourself to achieve the large step.

I know someone who walked away from her violent marriage. Another is an empathetic case worker. A third cannot be herself/their self because of where she/they live. Each person is under a different situation, yet they had the strength to take it one step, one breath, at a time. There are victories there, all the time, and some of them involve walking away and quitting.

Sometimes, you are overwhelmed by everything that needs your attention NOW! You get sucked into a cycle that does not include your self-care and glorifies the overworked, average person. When you need help, you are criticized and mocked. You are shamed and put into a category. You are not treated the same either.

I've been there too.

Keep your head up. Just because everyone else hates your choices, does not mean you are a failure. Society has set standards and some of them are wrong. Do not be afraid to smash them apart. Do not stop until the better, authentic you is here.

Wouldn't you call of that a happy ending, though? Isn't this what success should be about - getting away from the traditional successes of life and living in what makes us happy? What if we just stopped to do something we love, even for a little while...?

Namaste, everyone. Have a great day!

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