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#BehindTheScenes 14 - Mental Health

I was going to post this last week, but I was fried. It brings back the point of this special #BehindTheScenes and why this world has changed. It is not that technology or anything has changed us. We have become more aware of who we are, and that is disturbing...

Of course, like many people, I have mental health problems. Mine stemmed from long-term abuse that mainly stopped when I was 22. The end results, over 11 years later, are still a work in progress. Even though I've had thoughts of suicide at times in the past, I still got through it somehow. How it happened, I will keep close to my heart. But there are so many people out there, who have taught me what not to be. And this has shaped who I am now.

"A World So Bright and Dark", as I've said, was not all pure fiction...

I have depression, anxiety, C-PTSD and OCD. In the past, I have harmed myself in various ways and I have tried to commit suicide. I am not saying this for attention. I am saying this because I am not afraid to say that I have diseases in my head. And it reminded me of a turning point in my life this year...

I had a feeling of finality last year. Death, rebirth, SOMETHING. It was going to happen in February. And it happened. But on the way, I read a book, "Daughter Detox". All of a sudden, much of my life made sense. Some parents have the possibility of being unloving and that does pass to children. It could have passed to my son, but my husband and I worked on never letting it happened.

When you are self-aware, it is difficult. Sometimes, you realize too late that your normal behavior was toxic and you lost people on the way. But how you proceed is the way you make it. How will mental health improve if we do not explore all of the avenues of treatment and how it changes the human condition?

How has mental health affected your life?


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