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Be Careful Out There!

I know that there has been a lot of confusion and worry about COVID-19. I cannot stress enough for everyone to be careful. Use your common sense. Be compassionate to the next person. Take care of your loved ones. A LOT of people are affected by this. It is not just the ones who are now sick.

Think of the people in the nursing homes who cannot leave their rooms. Imagine the mother with babies who has a hard time finding wipes and diapers. Stand next to the retail or fast food worker who now has to interact with people. Bear in mind the call center worker, who has to reassure customers of their commitment and safety to their well being and service. Grieve with the families who have lost income because someone lost their job due to the virus.

It is a very tough time. Nothing is ever certain. I only hope that each and every one of you does not blame one or the other. At this time, it is a moot point to scream about how we were unprepared or that we came into the game too late. Think about what we can do NOW. What precautions are YOU taking?

Right now, I am unsure of events and other things. I will update things here and on social media when I can. At this time, I am working odd hours and don't have much time to keep updating Casting Shadows. It has been a mountainous task going back and forth between that and work.

The only other news is that the audio book is completed and was reviewed March 12. It has been submitted to ACX for review. They said it can take up to 30 business days for them to review the material and publish it. I will let you all know when it is completed.

If anyone needs anything, please let me know. In these times, we all have to try to be there for each other. Be compassionate and kind. Love and p

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